Why choose us

Yes, We Can Offer all the Services Needed... but It's Really All About Trust.

Modern Hospitals

Both Yorktown Animal Hospital and Peekskill Cortlandt Veterinary Hospital have been recently renovated and, if we may say this... are comfortable and beautiful. A great environment reduces the stress level of everyone, including our pets!

Expert Team

We're a team, compromised of veterinarians, technical staff and client service representatives. We've all been chosen not only for our expertise and capabilities, but also for our personalities, our empathy, and our compassion. We want you to like us... and you will.

Reasonable Costs

We know veterinary medicine can be expensive, although it's still about 1/10th as expensive as human medicine for the same services. That's why we strongly recommend Pet Insurance to help cover the costs of medical problems. And for those everyday costs of having a pet, we offer a variety of great Wellness Plans.

Award winning

Yorktown Animal Hospital is the only animal hospital to have won Best Veterinary Center in Westchester by Westchester Magazine for two years in a row. No other hospital has ever won the award more than once. We fully expect to win the award again next year for BOTH hospitals!

Modern Technology

From Cold Laser to Ultrasound, from Dental Radiography to ``no touch`` thermometers, we've got it covered. But technology is only a tool. It's the people working the technology that's even more important!

Almost Always Open

We’re open six days a week. When we’re not here we count on our friends at the Veterinary Emergency Group to see our patients. We also partner with the veterinarians at Bedford Katonah Veterinary Center.